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Meet the St. Johnsbury Band!

Band Group Photo
St. Johnsbury Band in North Congregational Church prior to their Christmas Concert in December 1999

Membership is open to musicians of all ages and abilities - no audition is required. Contact us through our email address or through our mailing address and a Band member will fill you in on how to join or simply come to a rehearsal!

The Band rehearses in the community room of the Caledonia Courthouse on Monday evenings at 6:30pm. The entrance is off the parking lot on the east side of the courthouse (not the Sheriff's office entrance). Take the elevator to the second floor and enter the community room.


The date indicates when the member joined the band.

Section Member
Directors Gary Aubin (Director)
Kirsten Harter (Asst Director)
Susan Crosby
Leslie Fredette - retired - 2019
Kirsten Harter (Asst. Director) - 2008
Carol Stevens
Flute Kathleen Barber
Natasha Bowen - 2021
Anna Casciari - 2018
Alia Davis - 2019
Ellen Gold - Music Teacher - 1997
Randa Jacobs (Secretary)- 2021
Clarinet William Casciari - 2018
Ronald Ducham - Dentist (retired) - 1975 (Lifetime)
Susan Gallagher (Publicity) - Public Relations - 1964 (Lifetime)
Heather Joy - Music Teacher - 2021
Joan Mead, Ph.D. - University Professor and Dean, College of Liberal Arts Emeritus (retired) - 2009
Davina Whitehill - 2015
Lexandra Whitehill - 2019
Billie K. Winter - Veterinarian - 2001 (Lifetime)
Dianne Wyllie - School Librarian (retired) - 2006 (Lifetime)
Koren Warden
Cheryl Gove (Treasurer) - 2016
Becky Mackin - Teacher - 1968 (Lifetime)
Jean Ashley (Uniforms) - Public and School Librarian (retired) - 1997 (Lifetime)
Daniel Flanagan - 2022
Mary Hinds - Employment Consultant/Common Ground-NHS - 1968 (Lifetime)
Krane Davis - 2018
Scott Labun - Financial Planner - 1980 (Lifetime)
Emma Gooden - 2015
Mary-Beth Nolan
Leisha Ruhlman
French Horn David Askren (Web Manager) - Small Business Owner, CCV Faculty (retired) - 1994 (Lifetime)
Kevin Haynie
John Marsh - 2022
Verne Owens - 2022
Deborah Smith - Teacher (retired) - 1973 (Lifetime)
Patrick Anderson - 2021
David Askren (Web Manager) - Small Business Owner, CCV Faculty (retired) - 1994 (Lifetime)
Jim Dam - 2018
Bobby-Ann Fearon - Cosmetologist - 1983 (Lifetime)
Sally Fishburn - 2012
Ken McCullock
Debi Smith - 2012
Paul Tidyman (Trustee)
Laurie Warden - 2019
Brenna Young - 2021
Trombone Kirsten Harter (Asst. Director) - 2008
Marc Lamontagne - 2022
Vicki Machell
James McGregor (Librarian) - 1974 (Lifetime)
Richard Reed - Firefighter (retired) - 1960 (Lifetime)
Jim Sanders (Trustee) - 2018
Gary Aubin (Director) - Teacher (retired) - 1970 (Lifetime)
Rachel Booth - 2016
John Goodrich - General Manager (retired) - 1978 (Lifetime)
Anna Kennedy - 2021
Jane H. Labun - School Librarian - 2001 (Lifetime)
Rashid Raheem - 2022
Bert Vines
Tuba John Goodrich - General Manager (retired) - 1978 (Lifetime)
Rusty Speicher (Asst. Mgr.) - 2004
Percussion Kaci Cochran
Nola Forbes (retired) - 2018
Dave Hare (Manager) - Small Business Owner - 1997 (Lifetime)
Bruce James - President/General Manager of Vermont Broadcast Associates - 2001
Steve Winkler - 2021
Band Roster Roster is a password protected PDF file listing member contact information
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Lifetime/Honorary Members

Lifetime membership to the St. Johnsbury Band is awarded to those members who have given enduring time and have made significant efforts to advance the goals of the St. Johnsbury Band. Honorary membership is awarded to those who are not Band members but have made a significant contribution to the Band.

The following is a list of the Band's Lifetime and Honorary members along with the year they were honored with that status.

  Jean Ashley (Lifetime - 2021)
  David Askren (Lifetime - 2010)
  Gary Aubin (Lifetime - 2002)
  Gerald Aubin (Lifetime - deceased)
  Paul Aubin (Lifetime - deceased)
  Arthur Ayer (Lifetime - deceased)
  Reg Bagley (Lifetime - deceased)
  Arnold Ball (Lifetime - deceased)
  Nancy Bellefeuille (Lifetime)
  Wallace Bengston (Honorary)
  Norene Blanchard (Lifetime - 2009)
  Les Blodgett (Lifetime - 2005)
  John Brockardt (Lifetime - deceased)
  Marjorie Brown (Lifetime - deceased)
  Richard Chapman (Honorary - 2009)
  Chris Douglas (Lifetime - deceased)
  Ron Ducham (Lifetime - 2006)
  Barbara Daniels (Lifetime - 2013)
  Edith Anne Emery (Lifetime - deceased)
  Bobby-Ann Fearon (Lifetime - 2004)
  Arthur Fiedler (Honorary - deceased)
  Ted French (Honorary - deceased)
  Susan Gallagher (Lifetime - 1997)
  Doug Gero (Lifetime - deceased)
  Howard Gieselman (Honorary - deceased)
  John Goodrich (Lifetime - 2006)
  Dave Hare (Lifetime - 2015)
  Carroll Hastings (Lifetime - deceased)
  Marie-Anne Hemond (Lifetime - deceased)
  Leo E. Henault (Lifetime - deceased)
  Mary Hinds (Lifetime - 2011)
  Stacy Jewell (Honorary - 2016)
  Jim Kennedy (Honorary)
  Bobby Kourkoulis (Honorary)
  Jane Labun (Lifetime - 2018)
  Scott Labun (Lifetime - 2018)
  George Lapham (Lifetime - deceased)
  Garey Larrabee (Honorary)
  Becky Mackin (Lifetime - 1997)
  James McGregor (Lifetime - 2003)
  Candy and Bill Mellett (Honorary)
  J. Leo Messier (Honorary)
  Gloria Moore (Lifetime - 2013)
  Donald Mullally (Honorary - deceased)
  Peggy Pearl (Honorary - 2021)
  Loren Phelps (Lifetime - 1999)
  David Rau (Honorary - 2007)
  Molly Rau (Honorary - 2007)
  Faye Reed (Lifetime - deceased)
  Richard Reed (Lifetime)
  Deborah Smith (Lifetime - 2007)
  Mildred Smith (Honorary)
  Hollis Steeves (Lifetime - deceased)
  Gerald Tripp (Lifetime - deceased)
  Larry Webbley (Lifetime - deceased)
  Deanna Wheeler - Lifetime - deceased)
  Elmer Willey (Lifetime - deceased)
  Billie Winter (Lifetime - 2017)
  Dianne Wyllie (Lifetime - 2019)

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In Memorium/Remembrances

In Memorium membership to the St. Johnsbury Band is awarded to those deceased members who gave enduring time and made significant efforts to advance the goals of the St. Johnsbury Band.

Remembrances is a way for the band to remember deceased members.

The following is a list of Band members honored in memorium.

In Memorium
  William Alonso Burrington-Sargent, Jr. (2011)
  Sarah Christophersen (2009)
  Arpad Elo (2008)
  George C. Felch (2011)
  Peter Fichte (2016)
  Homer Fontain
  Ted French (2009)
  William Herrick
  Orin Jones (2008)
  Raymond Laughlin (2008)
  James (Jimmy) Lumbra (2008)
  John Mead (2015)
  Ralph Moore (2011)
  Charlie Priest (2012)

  Marjorie Brown (1984 — 2019)
  Chris Douglas (1967 — 2016)
  Edith Anne Emery (1990 — 2017)
  Peter Fichte (2009 — 2016)
  Marie-Anne Hemond (1990 — 2008)
  Willie Johnston (1865 — 1870)
  John Mead (2001 — 2014)
  Harold Norman Ward (2015 — 2018)
  Deanna B. Wheeler (1986 — 2020)

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Youth Award

The St. Johnsbury Band welcomes members of all ages. We especially encourage younger musicians to join us to keep the Band membership vibrant. This Youth Award is a way to recognize the significant contributions these young musicians make to the vitality of the Band. This award was first presented in 2015.

The following is a list of Band youth members honored with this award.

Youth Award
  Anna Casciari (2021)
  Kaci Cochran (2015)
  Kate Mori (2018)

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Annual Meeting 2021 Awards

Here are photos of three award recipients from the 2021 annual meeting. Peggy Pearl, Director of the St. Johnsbury History & Heritage Center, received an Honorary Member Award for her support preserving the history of the St. Johnsbury Band. Anna Casciari received the Youth Award for her avid participation in the St. Johnsbury Band. Jean Ashley received a Lifetime Membership Award for her many years of playing with the Band and her service as the uniform manager. Finally, there is a photo of the annual meeting.

Peggy Pearl receives Honorary Member award
Peggy Pearl receives the Honorary Member award from the band manager, Dave Hare (left) and band Librarian, Jim McGregor (right).
Anna Casciari receives Youth Award
Anna Cascairi receives the Youth Award from Jim McGregor, band librarian
Anna Casciari receives Youth Award
Jean Ashley receives a Lifetime Member Award from Jim McGregor, band librarian
Annual Meeting gathering
St. Johnsbury Band 2021 Annual Meeting
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Rehearsal Photos

Here are some rehearsal photos.

Rehearsal Photo
Gary Aubin, Director
Rehearsal Photo
David Askren, Bobby-Ann Fearon, and Les Blodgett
Rehearsal Photo
Jane Labun, Dave Hare, and Norene Blanchard
Rehearsal Photo
Rehearsing in the Courthouse community room
Rehearsal Photo
Flutes and clarinets rehearsing
Rehearsal Photo
David Askren
Rehearsal Photo
Gerald Aubin
Rehearsal Photo
Jim McGregor
Rehearsal Photo
Nola Forbes on bass drum, Tony Graveline, Richard Reed, Jim Sanders on trombone
Rehearsal Photo
Gary Aubin, Director
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