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The St. Johnsbury Band may be contacted at the email address or the mailing address shown below. If you wish to direct your mail to a specific Band member, please include their name in the subject line of the email or in the address on the envelope. The current slate of Board Members is listed below.

If you wish to support the St. Johnsbury Band, donations can be sent to the mailing address shown below.

Contact Information

Email Address:

Web Address:

Mailing Address:

St. Johnsbury Band

P.O. Box 243

St. Johnsbury, VT 05819

Board Members

Manager                          Dave Hare

Asst. Manager                 Rusty Speicher

Musical Director              Gary Aubin

Asst. Musical Director     Kirsten Harter

Treasurer                        Cheryl Gove

Secretary                        Randa Jacobs

Librarian                         Leslie Fredette

Publicity                          Susan Gallagher

Uniforms                         Jean Ashley

Web Manager                 David Askren

Trustee (3 year)              Billie Winter

Trustee (2 year)              Carol Stevens

Trustee (1 year)              Paul Tidyman

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