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This page serves as the St. Johnsbury Band scrapbook. Newspaper articles, video and audio news reports, annual town reports, notes from annual Band meetings and photos (lots of them!) of the Band at different events are just some of the information you'll find. A link to the Band's extensive music catalog is also on this page. Enjoy!

Events and Photos

Over the years, the Band has participated in many kinds of events. It has a summer concert series of ten weekly concerts with free ice cream sponsored by local businesses on Monday evenings in Courthouse Park. It has participated in local parades, July 4th celebrations, civic anniversary celebrations, and music festivals.

Annual Meetings

The St. Johnsbury Band holds an annual meeting each fall to celebrate the past season, present awards, discuss the financial position of the Band, elect new officers, and to discuss any additional Band business.

Click Annual Meetings to access information from the Band annual meetings since 2004.

Town Reports

The St. Johnsbury Band requests an appropriation from the Town of St. Johnsbury each year to help cover the operating costs of the Band. The Band manager writes a report each year supporting the Band's request. This report is presented to the St. Johnsbury voters each spring and the voters decide whether to grant the appropriation request.

Click Town Reports to access the Band town reports since 2010.

Music Catalog

The Band has an extensive music library that it adds to every year. Click here to view the music catalog.

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