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Annual Meeting - 2004

Bobby-Ann Fearon

The St. Johnsbury Band honored Bobby-Ann Fearon, of Monroe, New Hampshire, as the band's 22nd Lifetime member at its annual meeting November 6, 2004. Lifetime membership is given only to band members who have given enduring time and made significant efforts to advance the goals of the St. Johnsbury Band.

Fearon, a hair stylist in Monroe, joined the Band in 1983 at the insistence of her daughter, then a high school musician at the St. Johnsbury Academy. She has been a lead trumpet and helps cover the other trumpet parts when needed.

Fearon was elected band manager in 1986 and served in that role for eight years. She provides transportation for a whole crew of Monroe/Barnet area musicians to band practices and concerts. She is also a member of the McLure Alumni Band and Big Band 2004.

Complete lists of the St. Johnsbury Band member awards are available on the Members page.

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