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Annual Meeting - 2011

The St. Johnsbury Band held its annual dinner and business meeting on October 28, 2011, at the new Student Activity Center at Lyndon State College in Lyndonville, VT. The evening started off with a social hour prior to the dinner. The buffet dinner provided plenty for everyone. A slide show of pictures past and present ran at various times during the evening.

After dinner, the entertainment portion of the evening occurred. Three members of the Band spoke giving interesting and amusing presentations. Gary Aubin presented a history of community bands, highlighting Vermont bands. He drew much of his material from research he did for his masters work. Richard Reed spoke on remembrances he has of the St. Johnsbury Band starting from a very young age when his grandfather played in the Band. He remembers in the 1950's that crowds numbering more than a 1000 people would fill the streets around the park. He started playing in the band as a freshman at the St. Johnsbury Academy. One of his funniest anecdotes was describing how he and other members placed speakers in the trees. The enjoyable anecdotes of the Band where finished up by Becky Macklin. She spoke about many of the fun characters who have played in the Band over the years, including her father. The Band has a rich history and that history is intertwined in the lives of the current members and past generations of their families.

After the entertaining speakers, the business meeting was held. Dianne Wyllie presented the minutes from last years meeting, which were accepted without change. Peter Fichte presented the Treasurer's report which was also accepted. An update on the Band's investments was presented by Scott Labun.


Mary Hinds

One Lifetime membership award was made. Lifetime membership is given only to band members who have   given enduring time and made significant efforts to advance the goals of the St. Johnsbury Band.

The Lifetime membership award was given to Mary Hinds. Hinds plays the alto saxophone for the Band and joined in 1968. She has logged a great many miles over the years to rehearsals and concerts, seldom missing any of these. As the speakers pointed out earlier in the evening, the efforts of members like Mary are the reason the Band has the staying power it does. Mary considers the Band as her home.

Three names were added to the Remembrance plaque. Ralph Moore played the alto saxophone for over 30 years, joining the Band in 1950. George C. Felch played the flute and piccolo as well as serving as director. He joined in 1886 and became the director in 1898. He was in the Band for over 50 years. William Alonso Burrington-Sargent, Jr. was the last Band member added to this plaque. He contributed a great deal to the Band. One of his most notable contributions was for composing the St. J March, a piece the Band plays to this day.

An Honorary membership was given to Jim Kennedy. Kennedy, the owner of Kennedy's Jewelers in St. Johnsbury, has for years done all the engraving on the various Band plaques and has been a generous donor to the Band. He is also very giving to the community at large and deserves this recognition.

Complete lists of the St. Johnsbury Band member awards are available on the Members page.

The Band also surprised Marge Brown with a birthday cake. She had no idea this was coming!


 The business meeting ended with the election of the slate of officers and board members. The  current group of officers were all returned to their current positions. Joan Mead was elected to the board replacing Ron Ducham whose term was over this year.


Marge Brown

St. Johnsbury Band Officers & Board (left to right): Richard Reed, Susan Gallagher, Jim McGregor, Joan Mead, Gary Aubin, Dianne Wyllie, Peter Fichte, Bill Moulton, Dave Hare

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