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St. Johnsbury Band Plays at 9/11 Ceremony - 2011

St. Johnsbury was one of many cities and towns across America that marked the tenth anniversary of 9/11 on Sunday, September 11, 2011. An elaborate ceremony was held that included residents, firefighters, state and local police, military officials, the St. Johnsbury Band, municipal officials, and members of area faith communities.

The St. Johnsbury Band played from the bays of the fire station as the fire trucks held an enormous American flag high above the crowd on Main Street. The Band opened the ceremony with "The National Emblem" march by E. E. Bagley. The Band then played "The Star Spangled Banner". Brief speeches by Town Manager Ralph Nelson, who was in Manhattan during the attack, and Fire Chief Troy Ruggles followed. The fire department held an alarm-bell ceremony to remember those lost.

Taps and the echo were performed by Band trumpet players David Askren and Bobby-Ann Fearon. The ceremony concluded with a presentation from the local faith community, which lit remembrance candles to honor those who suffered and died in the attack, sang a song for peace, and conducted a call-and-response with the participation of the crowd.

The St. Johnsbury Band received a heartfelt thank you letter from the fire department for their participation. Click here to read the letter.

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